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Christmas Card Sets...

I am on my way to finishing the designs I have decided on, I think the border I have created really helps!
The person who helped the most is robes_of_earth Big squishy huggy thankyou's to her. ^__^
We were talking about how uncreative I felt and she mentioned bats and though I have taken in all sugestions mentioned that one cute word was able to have me going today on something I enjoy and feel good about selling.
I will be able to put them up in the store Tuesday week hopefully but I will show them when compleated of course!

Nighty Night <3

Christmas Card Start

I don't really think this is good enough for a shop, I am considering only using it for
family members but I wanted to show everyone any way! ^_^
I used water colour paper and pencils.
Toby had a nice time trying to take the pencils, brush and water away from me.
[The picture is small because the cards would be too.]

Edit: waiting....waiting....waiting.

Zombie Maiden!

I have started my painting!
I also discovered that I have no Black Acrylic Paint in my Paints Box so I could only give myself an idea of what the other colours should be, so far I am pleased (mostly because I get to paint) even if they are all wrong except for the hair but I am really wishing I had the Black as it takes up all that lovely space...so much space. *sigh*

I was worried when I drew it onto the canvas since the first sketch is in the middle of the page and I placed this to the left, since she/I am facing right it looks nice and has a lovely effect or "looking room".
The shiny spot under the right (your right) is where the paint hasn't dried because I was doing a touch up right before I took the photo; I can see now that I was touching it up with the wrongs colours going up instead of down. Opps. :oP I am still pleased considering it is the first painting I have done for a long time and it's only the first coat! ^___^

And now it hurts my eyes but I am to tired and hungry to fix it right now. XD


Next week I am going to put together some Christmas Cards so this week I wil be doing little drawings for said cards. Yea!
Also for new things to go up on Etsy, Allan and I have been looking into Singlets for women and Tees for kids for the Summer. (Sorry guys it's "muscle shirts" or nothing)


It's steadily raining out side...

I just noticed that my Spider Plants babies have grown quite big over the past few weeks and are able to look after themselves now. ^_^


Allan has been busy at work making patterns for Edward and his second pair of wrestling pants.
He has cut the legs out and I have pinned them, unfortunately my sewing machine wont turn on so we will have to wait to see what they look like sewn together.
It's a pity, they are in bold yellow and red drill, one colour per leg; I can't wait to show them off!

Crazy Day[s]

I am having...issues with S2 so for now we all get to live with the cute Chibi Death until I figure out why it keeps reverting everything I change while customizing.

Tankyou very much.
Over the past few days I have been setting up my eBay Store & Etsy Store.

I have all three of my T-shirt designs up for sale and although I wish to add more this month is really a test run to see which takes off more.
I am hoping Etsy because even though I was very confused, it was because I was oh so very tired at the time.
It has a nicer feel and it is more likely that my store will be brwosed through more often there because all of the store are about selling similar items and to find my shirts on eBay you have to tick certain boxes to include stores (which I have had at least two *cough* conversations with Allan about.)


Last night after The Zombie Party Allan & I took photo's of each other (Toby was in bed) and I am hoping to make them into paintings.
Here are the two I have chossen to use:

I was dressed as an 18th Cebtury Zombie a much more classy Zombie than now-a-days.
Yeah...I am trying to cover up the fact that I am smiling a very small tired smile...

Allan was dressed as a fresh Zombie, only recently biten and about to be killed by Jai with his Mighty Axe!

Gallery Stuff...

Soooo...I am not allowed to participate in the exhibition in November.
I am a scary outsider. Bull.

This means I have no date, which means I can dilly dally forever, which is bad!
Now I have to find a gallery locally which is not something I really want to do but since that is the only way to have an exhibition I have to.
I know I am going to dilly dally...I am going to let people take their time with their part of the project even though I want it done now and I am going to dilly dally!


Orange Witches Hat

I was commissioned by a young lad named Derek  to make this hat for the release of the new Harry Potter book today.
It is the first hat I have ever made for someone who is not a Teddy Bear and I think it came out rather well. ^_^
See how the tip flops? I made it to do that on purpose! I kick major bottom.

Jai's New & Wonderful Cloak, Made By Me.

Jai in his lovely cloak while Allan was testing the light and
before he was told to smile and other things involving the
word Emo'. This also shows (sorta) the long points falling
from the hood to wrap around the neck or leave hanging.

Allan being all creative and making Jai look all tall and menacing! Grrr ^_^

Jai pretending to be a Sith that is about to go for your neck.

The back so you can see how BIG the hood is, this is probably the closest to
the actual colour too.

Dragon T's

Almost everyone knows that I have my T-shirts now.
I have sold 2...to my parents, a bunch of people want them for their kids and Allan took these pictures so I could make a brochure for a shop up the street that is a clothing/tattoo/piercing store.
I dislike the brochure, I feel like we have been flat out all week (and a bit) and I had a major blank on craftyness when trying to make it but Toley is lovely and suggested that I pop it up and who am I to argue with a good excuse to post. ^_^
Here are also the photos I chose to use:

Jess with well 'cut' hair.

Jess with badly 'cut' hair. It was about 4am
when I did these "Don't judge me!" :oP

ME! It took a bit to find a pic that my breasts
weren't really intervening with the print but
I think this turned out okay.