Anna Pascal, Stranger Than Fiction

Santa Sack Photo Trial

I think 'fail!' is a good word.
I was trying to see if the setting on the chair was ok but toby wanted to help and allans icky painting box is in the way, of couse it will be removed latter; I don't mean in post. ;oP
But TADA! I have made six santa sacks, see the pile of three on top s the others? That was Toby's helping hand, he trundled up and said "There!" as he thrust them down onto the chair.  ^_^
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Anna Pascal, Stranger Than Fiction

Santa Sacks!

I have made a small and a medium sized sack already today and I will try to complete at least one more, if not I will make the other two tomorrow since some cleaning needs to be done before guests arrive.
Tomorrow will also be good weather for taking the pictures if it is like today!  ^__^

Edit: I have looked over the material I bought and I believe it is wiser to make four more smaller sacks instead of two larger ones because as Galen said Santa Clause comes and asks "What do you think I am, this is a bit too much, I'm not that magical!"
Yar, they would be that Giant. :oP
Anna Pascal, Stranger Than Fiction

The day is getting better...

Because of our financial trouble I am finding it very difficult to get these cards done.
I have the files ready, I have the colour and card type but due to not having a decent printer of our own Allan is trying to find a Printer that has little or no  upload fees.  This is not going to well.
I think we have to drive out to Springvale for anything resembling cheap.
Let the pouting commence! ;oP

Edit: Allan found someone just up the road from us who gave us some advice on how to lay the cards out so it will be cheaper and now we just have to wait for Toby to wake up from his nap and we can go get them done!

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